Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hendersonville, NC

We finally arrived in our new community about a week ago even though we don't have anything to live in other than our RV or a motel!  We have been looking at manufactured homes in a few communities.  There are not that many units available so we are weighing our options, deciding what is most important to us. 

In the meantime we have gotten a post office box and we joined the local YMCA so we can both exercise.  We are venturing out to start learning the roads around town.  We are currently staying in a motel because the temps are going to drop precipitously in a few days (20s at night) so we rewinterized the rig.  We are going to bring in our Christmas decorations so we can feel merry here in our motel room.  Luckily we can park the RV just about right outside our door so Steve can run out to get whatever we need.

PO Box 1689
Flat Rock, NC 28731


Jan Erhart said...

You should have stayed in Connecticut. Our nighttime lows have been in the 40's and 50's...lol. Good luck with your home search! 🏡

Camping with Robin and Steve said...

Actually Jan, same here...I was just feeling antsy to get indoors...but tonight it is going down to 36 and then in a few days going into the 20s, but then it's going back up...really variable.