Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 2014. Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our very first blog post!  Feel free to drop by any time to check in on us and see how we're doing!  Don't hesitate to comment if you have any ideas or suggestions you think might help us--we are open to any advice we can get!

We are hating this winter here in CT perhaps more than any other--Robin does not do well with snow,  ice and cold due to her MS and Pippin, being a SoCalif girl does not like any part of winter.  Steve isn't supposed to shovel after his heart surgery awhile back (his only limitation btw) so we have been dreaming of the time we can head south for some or all of the season.

Now that Steve is retired (yeah) we are taking the plunge and taking the month of February to drive south in our 27' Class C Motorhome towing our Honda Fit.   This was planned to coincide with Robin's mom renting a cottage on Hilton Head Island for the month so we can spend some time there with her.  She feels similarly about winter!

Robin has been picking the brains of our camping friends to figure out the logistics of such an endeavor and copiously recording everything in her spiral bound notebook!  We have joined Passport America, are working hard to find the Rand McNally Road Atlas endorsed by Walmart that lists all the Walmarts for free camping (oh yeah, forgot to mention we want to do this "on the cheap" so we can see if we can go for six weeks next year) so truck stops, State and Municipal Parks, cheap campgrounds...we'll consider anything!  We know about Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas.

Some other factors to be considered are that Robin's eating Paleo and she wants to find as many swimming pools as she can to keep up with her exercising!

We have gotten our RV bins up from the basement and inventoried everything.  We're beginning to purchase canned goods, etc. that are on sale at the grocery store. Robin is starting to cook foods to be frozen for the trip.  We're counting down the days!

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