Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 2014 Sad news

So, some sad news to report.  Gram fell at Kohls a few days before Christmas and has been having aches and pains ever since.  She had initially thought she was just badly bruised and had some pulled muscles.  Since she was actually getting worse instead of better, she went for a CAT scan and she has multiple stress fractures in her pelvis on the side on which she fell.  She sees an orthopedist next week, but the up shot is that she's cancelled her trip down to Hilton Head. Brockett helped by shoveling out an area for her dogs yesterday and I have him on call for February as well if she needs help.

A few days ago we decided to get Good Sams Travel Assist.  Our Quinebaug Travelers friends, B&BB had a serious health problem on a recent trip which required transportation to medical facilities and eventually home and they had to get their rig home.  I don't know if this is the same program they had to help them, but it sounds very similar.  If Steve were unable to drive the rig for any reason, I'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  This program would facilitate and pay for travel expenses and getting our rig home, etc., etc. all for $79.99 a year.  Seemed like a good investment.

We got our Passport America campground guide in the mail, and I think this will be a great resource for us (thank you JI!)  It lists all the participating campgrounds that offer1/2 price camping, basically on weekdays.  We might hop from Walmarts on the weekends to these campgrounds on the weekdays, give or take. 

Since we are not spending a week or so with Gram, we're thinking we'll make it to Florida!  No firm plans yet because I want to be able to be spontaneous and just wander.  We have the best time doing this.  We have lots of folks we can visit in Florida, so be forewarned, the Funseeker may arrive in the Sunshine State sometime during the month!  :-)

Got sirloin tips cooked and frozen as well as chicken breasts.  One more batch of muffins to bake and freeze and ridiculously long list of things to accomplish in the next seven or so days, like haircuts, oil change in the rig, etc.  


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