Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Late Start for the 2015 Summer Camping Season!

We have been home from out winter trip since March, but we are only now getting back out into our rig and on the road again!

So what have we been doing?  Let's see...we have definitely decided to sell our house and relocate to Hendersonville, NC!

This means another huge downsizing and so far we have had two good-sized yard sales with another one scheduled in September.  We are also participating in a Paris Flea Market in August sponsored by a consignment/antique shop in Stonington, CT

I am hunting for other consignment shops to sell some antiques but I am hearing that antiques are not selling well right now...people want Mid-Century Modern instead.  I have several pieces of Victorian glassware that need a home as well as various other antiques.  Still working on that.

Steve is working on some interior painting that needs doing, and I am currently working on the kids' photo albums...organizing and consolidating...then onto the many plastic bins of my boys' mementos that have collected over the years.  Basically the question is, do we want to move and then store things, do we want to strongly suggest the kids' take their stuff, do we want to sell stuff, donate stuff or throw stuff out!  And that's for everything in the house!  Phew!

This first trip out is to Maine for a week where my mom is renting a cottage for the month of July.  We are staying at Sunset Point Trailer Park in Lubec, ME...we have stayed there before...the campground is on the Eastern-most piece of land in the U.S.  $40 a night for W/E/cable.  I thought this was reasonable for the height of the season.  We are about half-way there in a Walmart parking lot in Waterville, ME. Steve is going to go into the store after supper and buy some corn ongoing camping treat for him!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Maine! Be safe............... hi to your Mom.

Robin Shaw said...

Thanks Barb! Warm days and cool nights...just right so far!