Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to Unclog an RV Toilet

Just read/watched this helpful article about how to unclog an RV toilet.

(Scroll down just a bit to find the toilet article...there are some other useful articles at this link as well)

Some random things we do:

We have used the ice cube method whenever we have bought a bag of ice for a camping trip and had some left over at the end of the trip...after we empty our tanks we dump a few jugs of water down the toilet followed by the ice and our hope is that the ice will slosh around the tank and dislodge any stuck on debris.

We have picked up a tip from a fellow camper (J.I.)...we don't put much paper down the toilet.  We just put it into a small lined trash container in the bathroom and then take the liner to the dumpster very day. Our friend, who is a very experienced camper says it only takes one big clog to convince a person to do this!

We do use single ply toilet paper because some does get down the need to buy expensive RV toilet paper; single ply commercial TP is fine.

Every time we empty our tank, we pour several big jugs of water down the toilet and then add toilet chemical...I currently like Walex Porta-Paks, purchased at Camping World.  No measuring needed, just drop one packet in each time you dump.

Steve likes to dump, add several jugs of water, then dump again because he usually sees more matter come through this second time. Then I add two more jugs of water and the blue pouch.

Comment below and share your tips and tricks to keep your RV toilet free and clear!

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