Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's all get some exercise!

Day 2 in Fort Meyers was all about establishing a healthy morning routine.  First Steve worked out in the fitness room.  Next I got ready to swim, and while we walked/scootered down to the pool, Pippin walked on her leash.  Then I did some of the leg machines in the fitness room and then swam vigorously for thirty minutes which I will increase over the next few days. This will be our morning routine while we are here.

Our outing today was to the Super Target which is quite close to our campground.  We wanted to see how it would compare to Super Walmart. I think the quality was better but the prices were higher.

Then we dropped off a list of prescription refills at the Walgreens that is right nearby as well.

It was about 74 degrees here today, but will drop to about 50 tonight.

We will take some photos around the campground tomorrow. 

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