Friday, February 27, 2015

A day in Melbourne, FL

Today was a crazy mixed up day!  To begin with, it was gray, windy and rainy out, but we needed to search for a health food store to find flax milk, a staple in my diet.  We finally found one, and that's what originally drew us to Melbourne.  

We realized that my mobility scooter,  Sonic by Pride Mobility which I use for my MS whenever I want to zip around anyplace (my alternative is a walker for short distances) needed to be charged.  When Steve plugged it in he felt like the gauge that usually moves when he plugs it in wasn't moving.  That might mean it needed a new battery.  The last time we replaced it was about six years ago.

Right on my scooter is a website and a phone number, so I called the company up, and all they needed was our zip code and they told me the nearest dealer for this kind of scooter.  Turned out there was one in the Melbourne!  So off we went!

Since I wanted to plug in the GPS and the scooter charger into the cigarette lighter on the way to the scooter dealer, we took the device we have in the rig which allows you to plug in multiple plugs into one cigarette lighter.  Somewhere along the way today Steve smelled smoke, and we realized that it was coming from the cigarette lighter!  We quickly unplugged, and after awhile the burning smell dissipated.  We don't think any permanent damage was done to anything'. Phew!

When we got to the scooter dealer, Steve took my scooter out of the car and got it set up for me to ride in.  Funny thing was it was fully evidently he was wrong and the Battery was fine!  

Next stop was the health food store also in Melbourne.  We had a good time looking around, got some things for lunch and a few supplements, and SOME FLAX MILK (actually bought all they had!)

By this time we were feeling like it was time to go home.

Tomorrow is another day!

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