Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finally in North Carolina...SOTB here we come! 2/6/14

Light rain overnight and woke to the same.  34 degrees in Milford, VA.  Steve needs to go out in this to hook up the car, while I play fetch with Pippin in the rig to get her moving at least a little.  Still eating off our stockpile of food!  

No rain on the trip today--guess we dodged the storm.  Napped through the rest of Virginia, now we're in NC.  Doing my pedaler every time we stop plus stretching.  This is really too much sitting for my knees.

Enjoying the soundtrack to Sleepless in Seattle (thank you ML!) 

Decided to stop in Wilson, NC at another Passport America campground, Kampers Lodge Campground.  Cost is $35 per night with full hookups, but we are paying $17.50!   Thank you JI for turning us on to Passport America!  

It's 51 degrees here, so we started the process of flushing our systems because it's still winterized.  Got to the part of needing to fill the hot water heater and can't figure out how...May call our RV service center tomorrow and ask Paula to walk us through it.  Refrig is still not automatically switching to gas when we're unplugged so we can ask her about that, too.


Anonymous said...

We are glad you are OK and made it to NC. If you didn't post, I was going to call you cause we were worried :) Stay warm & safe. You will be in FL before you know it! Love, Barbara & Jerry

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that it was 70 degrees in Myrtle Beach today....

New resource. lists local dog sitters (mostly in homes) when you enter a location. Just in case you ever need to leave Pippin (fat chance).

Hope you get your rig up and running today.