Thursday, February 6, 2014

South of the Border! 2/6/14

Woke  to a chilly 35 degrees here in Wilson, NC.  Our goal is to get to South of the Border in good time to check out some of the shops, etc.  Good childhood memories for me!!!  Depending on the time when we're through we'll decide whether to dry camp there if they will allow it, or whether to push on a bit. We are loving these PA campgrounds so we can plug in our refrig and cool it down agin, not that it really gets that warm during the day.  No worries about food poisoning!  Also, we know we'll have WIFI so I can post this blog!

So far we really haven't hit any bad traffic so this is a great route south!  Just WISH we were hitting some warmer weather so we could put down stakes for a few days and do some fun stuff!

Napped until we hit South of the Border!  I have to admit, it's smaller and yes, shabbier than I recall.  Pedro is looking a little worse for wear...  We got some fun souvenir shopping done, however.  It's a balmy 46 degrees here!  


Traveling about 50 more miles to Florence, SC where we found another PA campground that's $20.00 per night so we saved another $20!  This one is called Swamp Fox Campground.  We've noticed that All of the PA campgrounds we have stayed at are also Good Sam's parks, so the standards are very high!


Anonymous said...

Trying to remember when we first spotted that big sombrero high in the sky -- must be close to 50 years ago and it was not new then! No wonder things are looking a
bit shabby!

Forgot to tell you that my neighbor shoveled a little for the dogs yesterday as well as my back porch so we managed OK. Today, the dogs could walk on top of the snow/ice so they did some running to burn off some energy. Doesn't look like we will get much melting soon. Sigh....

Maybe you should see if you can camp at Huntington Beach -- if it is warm enough. I bet you could rent a beach chair there.

Love your blog -- did you call Paula?

Enjoy your trip,


Anonymous said...

Robin, aren't we all a bit shabbier? We still have to stop at SotB. ALWAYS in a hurry to get to FL or CT.
Enjoying the blog. Ken

Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying your trip so far except for the weather. Hopefully you will be in warmer weather soon. Yes SOTB is getting shabbier. They have a campground there that is very nice but I see you are going right on. Have a safe trip and I will keep up with your blog and Facebook.

Robin Shaw said...

I have very fond memories of visiting SOB as a kid...we camped in Myrtle Beach on many April vacations. It was so brightly colored and that giant Pedro just seemed awe-inspiring to me. It was the antithesis of Higganum. So exotic and exciting to a little girl! My mom says it was shabby even back then but it wasn't to me! Got souvenirs for the whole family this time!

Robin Shaw said...

Thank you for your comment but who are you? 😀. We saw the campground and wondered about it. We wanted to get a little further, and after getting a taste of the half-price rates at Passport America campgrounds, I'm loving them!